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Simple Outdoor Renovations

Monday, June 8, 2020   /   by Jeff & Terri Reinhard

Simple Outdoor Renovations

There's no better time to start making some outdoor home improvements! But sometimes time IS the issue, and we can’t take on the bigger projects quite yet. Here are some small outdoor renovations that will make a BIG impact.
Nothing brings a backyard together quite like an outdoor fire pit. Perfect for summer marshmallows or a winter huddle, fire pits encourage togetherness. It's minimally invasive and can boost any yard to a new level. Make a cheap pit or something more extravagant, both will significantly transform your outdoor setting.

Add some outdoor lighting! Just because the sun is gone it doesn't mean you have to be. Motion lights or rustic string lighting in the backyard will keep the party going. Low voltage landscape lights won’t affect your bottom line much, will deter burglars, and give your yard a beautiful ambiance. Up your curb appeal with some exterior illumination!

Plant a tree! Newsflash, trees are good, like really good. A tree turns a yard into something more, it ties the outdoor setting together and the process is actually much easier than you'd think! Tree care videos are everywhere, and picking out the right tree to fit your yard can be an exciting experience.

Hope these backyard tips inspired you to have some outdoor summer fun!